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About Laura

Laura Flanders Taproot Innovation

Laura is a board-certified executive coach working with leaders of leaders as they pursue unique goals and outcomes resulting in total solutions, career satisfaction, wholeheartedness and a culture of goodness. After spending nearly two decades leading a mentored learning curriculum in higher education, Laura is sought out as a consultant to senior leaders wishing to incorporate the use of self-selected mentoring and self-directed development plans in their employee's professional growth initiatives.


Laura provides high-quality coaching. In a non-regulated industry, it was important that her certification be through an approved International Coaching Federation training program and board certified at the Center for Credentialing and Certification.

Because assessment of goals and outcomes is a key to focused executive coaching, Laura is certified in several high end assessments including the Profile XT and the Genos Emotional Intelligence model. She is available to Human Resource teams who wish to use assessment data in their hiring and employee development/onboarding process. Laura also provides employee workshops and training in both emotional intelligence and the art of mentored learning.


In her 35+ year career, Laura spent over a decade in national industry non-profit management in the area of leadership development and training where twice in two years she received 1st place recognition by the American Society of Association Executives for its National Award of Excellence. Additionally, she served for fifteen years on the faculty as Associate Professor and Director of Training and Mentoring at Denver Seminary.

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