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Online Courses

In addition to their in-person teaching and keynote speaking engagements, both Dale and Laura work with other organizations to develop online courses on subjects related to leadership and mentored learning. Most courses are asynchronous. The courses currently made available to the public by the organization offering the course are listed below. The links take you outside of this website. Contact us for more information.

Living A Mentored Life

Laura Flanders of Taproot Innovation taught and led a mentored learning curriculum in Higher Education for 16 years. In collaboration with another seasoned instructor, this course was developed to provide a unique mentored learning framework that honors you as an adult learner. It gives you the tools to move beyond typical "how-to" development programs that often don't serve your particular needs. This course encourages a way of life where you discern, develop, manage and reflect on your own unique learning experiences in collaboration with self-selected mentors.

This course is short, affordable, and full of rich content. It is a great tool for not only individuals but for your employees and HR departments looking for a new way of development that honors adult learners and their preferred style of learning.

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