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We want to make sure you are served well. Our aim is to listen well to your needs and then help you discern if we are a good fit. We may not be! And if that is the case, we are happy to connect you with other great coaching and consulting firms that may be right for you. Here is what we offer:



We have coaches with experience both in the C-Suite and leading from the middle. Although coaching is not advice-giving and instead uses active inquiry that leads clients to discover their own total solutions, Taproot Innovation coaching is informed by the coach's own practical leadership experience from "having been there."

Our coaching process (both one-on-one and in groups) is tailored to the goals of each client in order for total solutions to occur.

If your organization has a solid development program but is still in need of incorporating top-shelf and high-validity score assessments, we are certified to offer a variety of assessments for onboarding and employee development.

Our assessments measure behaviors rather than personality traits because our philosophy is that the best coaching helps clients adjust their behavior in order to work and lead with more wellness and success. Working with personality traits is best done by professional therapists. Learn more here.


We provide training and keynote speaking on many leadership and whole life subjects including:

  • Living a Mentored Life

  • Living and Leading With Emotional Intelligence

  • Living With Wholeness and Wellness

  • Leader as Coach


An 15-week experience led by one of our seasoned leadership coaches. Employees learn how to self-lead their own professional and personal development goals and strategies supported by their self-selected mentors.


The goal of the Mentored Leader Initiative is to move from a "how-to" development program to a process that is generative and sustainable. Outcome: Employees learn how to discern, develop, manage and reflect on their own unique learning goals. Learn more here.



We provide consulting services in the following areas:

  • Board Development

  • Managing Transitions

  • Fostering an Emotional Intelligence Culture

  • Growing a Mentored Learning Culture

  • Strategic and Impact Planning

  • Capital Campaign

  • Volunteer Care



Certain members of Taproot Innovation have worked in Higher Education and faith-based community teaching roles. On occasion, we work with other organizations to provide online courses focused on a variety of subjects. Connect with us to find out more information.


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